Through our sister company, Crisp Professional Development, we run many live events each month, these are currently online events, but from October 2021 onwards we’ll be adding face-to-face training back into the mix.

Our online events are not pre-recorded webinars, they are run by an experienced coach who will facilitate the session to encourage discussion and make the learning real for your situation.

For our face-to-face events, you’ll come to our training venue in Exeter, Devon and enjoy a day of in-person learning with our coach, alongside peers from other local businesses.

Each of the sessions below can also be run as dedicated ‘In-Company’ events for our clients. Call us on 01392 409 198 to discuss your need.

To maximise your learning opportunity and to ensure your participation, we restrict our events to 15 delegates. Here’s what’s coming up (please note, the links below will take you to our sister site);



9th  |  Leading your Team and Raising the Bar (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!

10th  |  Managing for Efficiency & Effectiveness (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!

11th  |  Excel Intermediate (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW! 

16th |  The Essential Art of Persuasion & Influence (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

17th  |  Dealing with Difficult People & Negativity (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

23rd |  Train the Trainer (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

30th November & 1st December  | Introduction to People Management (FACE-TO-FACE)  |  BOOK NOW!


2nd | Assertiveness, Self Confidence & Communication (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!  


14th |  Excel Intermediate (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!

26th & 2nd February  |  Mastering People Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

27th | Time Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!


8th & 9th  | Introduction to People Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

10th | Recruitment Interviewing Excellence (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

16th | Excel Introduction Plus (FACE-TO-FACE)  | BOOK NOW!

17th | Finance for Non-Finance Managers (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!


9th | The Art of Delegation, Motivation & Empowerment (ONLINE) |  BOOK NOW!

16th |  Managing for Efficiency & Effectiveness (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!


8th  | Managing Hybrid Teams (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!

20th | Time Management (ONLINE) | BOOK NOW!

26th |  Excel Intermediate (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW! 


4th | Excel Introduction Plus (ONLINE)  |  BOOK NOW!

10th |  Positive Psychology, Strengths & Resilience (ONLINE / PM)  |  BOOK NOW!

18th & 19th | Introduction to People Management (FACE-TO-FACE)  |  BOOK NOW!


8th | Using NLP to Improve your Communication (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

17th | Mental Health Awareness at Work (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!


13th | The Art of Delegation, Motivation & Empowerment (ONLINE) |  BOOK NOW!

21st   |  Excel Intermediate (FACE-TO-FACE) | BOOK NOW!


20th | Coaching Skills for Managers (ONLINE / PM) | BOOK NOW!

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£ 99

When purchasing 5 credits at once

Enjoy 16% off our Virtual Live Events when you buy a 5 credit plan.

Use credits from your plan to provide training to a single delegate or to multiple delegates.

Call 01392 409 198 and find out how to make your training budget go further with a Virtual Training credit plan.

Standard rate

£ 119

For one-off events

Book one-off, live, interactive virtual courses using our standard rate.

The majority of these events run for 3.5 hours and are delivered via Zoom.

Book your place using the links above or call us on 01392 409 198.

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Did you know?

We run a face-to-face open course programme

Our programme of training events covers the core areas of business skills training and personal development topics. Sessions are limited to 12 people so you get the most out of them.

Did you know?

Our sister company is a leading coaching and training business

Crisp Professional development has been delivering transformational learning experiences for 30 years.